The Tamarkoz® Method

From: Theory "I"

"Guidance is in the union of thoughts, the heart, the senses, and nature; and going astray is disarray and confusion among these four. " 3

Molana Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha

"The concentration of energies and the establishment of harmony are essential to discover and experience the eternal and heavenly dimensions of human beings that are otherwise inaccessible to the limited thoughts and emotions. The important point to recognize here is that, to discover the truth, one must be in harmony and have the capacity to accept."1

Being Receptive and in Harmony

"The discovery of the spiritual dimension depends on the harmony and receptivity of the seeker. If this principle does not exist, any encounter will only be superficial. "Being receptive means having one's receptors activated and in harmony. For example, after a child is born, the more the mother caresses and cuddles the infant, the more his receptors are activated. This process enhances the child’s receptivity on a physical and emotional level."1

“Just as it is necessary for our receptors to be developed on a physical level, it is equally important that we develop receptors that involve our spiritual evolution, so that our capacity for the reception of spiritual matters can be attained.”2

“On any level of human interaction, harmony is necessary to establish communication; it takes harmony between the listener and the speaker so that communication may take place. The fewer mental distractions the listener has, the more focused he or she is, the more he or she is capable of understanding what the speaker is saying. The same is required to discover the spiritual depth and subtleties of the words of God which are received through revelation.”2

According to the teachings of the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Sufism®, the human system has a built-in mechanism capable of receiving revelation. The human body is equipped with 13 electromagnetic centers. Cognition and development of these centers create the required harmony and facilitate discovery of the spiritual dimension of the human being. The most important of these centers resides in the heart. The Arif (Spiritual Teacher) teaches that self-knowledge and inner inspiration can be obtained through self-discipline, purification, concentration, and meditation, as well as through prayer.

Tamarkoz® - Sufi Concentration and Meditation

The Sufi Meditation called Tamarkoz®, meaning “concentration of abilities”, differs markedly from what Westerners call meditation. Tamarkoz® creates a state of equilibrium, balance and harmony in all dimensions of one’s being. Through Tamarkoz®, the student’s reception is perfected, and a receptive or discovery state is achieved. This powerful and precise method of inward cognition and self-discovery aligns, balances, and activates the energy fields of the body, and facilitates the unification of mind and heart. Therefore, the seeker becomes receptive and in harmony to attain unity with the spirit. True meditation connects one with the fundamental unity of all existence.
"Gather all your energies and concentrate them on the source of life in your heart for your findings to become imperishable, so that you will live in balance and tranquility and know eternity."3     

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