The Principle of Harmony

It is often assumed that there exists a chasm between human beings and the universal truth, between matter and energy, and between human beings and the Creator. However, what appears as a chasm in reality is only the absence of harmony that renders the cognition of reality impossible. The human body is naturally in harmony and balance, but the physical and social limitations imposed on our body and mind severely constrain our ability to recognize the unlimited truth.1

Within the confines of such limitations, we cannot realize the eternal truth as it is inaccessible to the senses and requires access to a higher level of consciousness.1

What we cannot perceive with our senses we tend to dismiss as non-existent. Our senses have different capabilities, such as the ability to perceive light, sound and scent. However, these perceptions are conditioned by the nature of our senses. In reality, light, sound, or heat consists of waves, which are a form of energy. Waves of different lengths and intensity stimulate different senses. Long waves are perceived as heat, while short waves appear as sound and as light. These different manifestations of energy appeal to the compatibility of a particular sense with a particular wavelength. Energy remains the unchangeable essence of all senses and perceptions, but due to imposed limitations, we can only experience it partially and in different manifestations.1

To re-establish the lost harmony, we must free ourselves from the limitations of our senses, gather all our energies, and concentrate them on the original source of life, or the "I", the point where "being" first manifests itself in the form of matter. The concentration of dispersed energies and potencies in the center of the heart provides harmony and equilibrium. This endeavor of gathering energy resembles the act of moving a boulder that has rolled off a mountain and blocks the way. To remove it, one needs to find the center of gravity and place a lever under this point. The lever’s energy is then sufficient to remove the boulder and re-open the path it had blocked.1

In Sufism, tools such as Tamarkoz® (Sufi meditation and concentration), Zikr (remembrance of the Beloved), and prayer enable us to gather and concentrate our energies, tune in to our inherent harmony, access our lost spiritual dimension, and live a balanced life.

1-Nader Angha, Theory "I": The Inner Dimension of Leadership (Riverside, CA: M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi Publications, 2002), 110-112.