Manifestations of Thought

by: Molana Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, Pir Oveyssi

When I look at a blossom, fresh and beautiful, I ask myself where it comes from. What is the source of its elegant, graceful orderly beauty? How do its roots interlacing the soil find the essence of life and tenderly transmit these essentials through its branches and leaves? It is similar to observing a painter, mixing his colors on his palette, working carefully to create what he sees. He is detached from everything else and is governed by his inner vision, which he attempts to reproduce slowly and precisely. He ignores his surroundings and focuses on just one place. Slowly and precisely, he gives life to the delicacy of his mind and spirit. The flower follows its destiny, never stopping or making a mistake. As though drawn by a brush on the tableau of nature, it works slowly and precisely until a beautiful flower appears.

We can ask in which part of the roots this delicate, beautiful, fragrant flower was hidden. How does it bloom? What atmospheric and magnetic waves and sun rays help this flower to grow? Who arranged this? What is it seeking? I can smell the fragrance that permeates the air around it. The flower acts like a beautiful baby, making everyone appreciate its elegance and grace. It seems to want to be everywhere for all time. Where does this eagerness to exist in eternity and infinity originate? Where and what is the secret and mysterious power that directs this flower? Our minds cannot truly recognize or perceive this power. If these natural effects and manifestations are examined with a scientific eye, we will assuredly shorten our passage to understanding. This understanding will, in time open our way to the true and mysterious force that guides the flower to grow and allows it to reach for the sky.

The only thing that is obvious is that this perpetual, strong driving force, which works without diversion or interruption to reach its destination, is the mastermind of nature. The destiny of existence and the actions and reactions of its individual particles are evidence of this Divine Force.  All life forms, wild plants and animals, the dense forces of stones and minerals, even the selfish human being, are under influence of the same force. Like the process of water evaporation, everything is being absorbed, moving toward heaven in the love attraction toward eternal destiny. Even our own suspended sphere in space, the planet Earth, circles in the sky, already in the heavens. What does this Earth, circling the sun, want, and where will it find what it is attracted to? Where would we search for this Divine Force, as we move through space, day and night, toward an unknown point?

Who or what is exerting this force that propels, guides, and where is He?  Everything in existence is attracted to this powerful, precise, eternal commander in proportion to its capability. What does this nonstop attraction mean? How can He not be everywhere when His command is everywhere? Does He exist apart from existence, or does existence remain apart from Him? If one is not preoccupied and busy with others, one will begin to recognize one’s own truth and the realities of existence.

Molana Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, Manifestations of Thought (Riverside, CA: M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi Publications, 1997), 49-50.