Selected from Message from the Soul

By: Molana Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha

The divine vision is the observer of the shadows of life and, like a glistening star, bright and still, shines in your heart without hesitation. Concentrate your thoughts at this point in your heart and calm them; when it becomes steady and undisturbed the truth of your life will be revealed. If your thoughts turn to insignificant matters and blindly become a slave of your senses, your heart will disobey the commandments of God and will fail you along the rough road of life.

Guidance is in the union of thoughts, the heart, the senses, and nature; and going astray is disarray and confusion among these four.

Gather all your energies and concentrate them on the source of life in your heart for your findings to become imperishable, so that you will live in balance and tranquility and know eternity.

When all the combined energies of your senses together reach your heart and have no tendency to leave, you will find yourself. And because you will be nourished from the source of life in your heart, you will see your enlightened soul. Every bird flies back to its nest at nightfall and there finds comfort. So you, too, gather all the strength that is spread in your senses and body, concentrate and calm them in your heart at night, and manifest your luminous figure.

If life is given to you by the source of life in your heart, you will not be subject to death.

The awakening of hearts is in the harmony of the soul with the truth of existence at the point of equilibrium.

Graft the sapling of your heart to the source of life so that it shall be nourished, until the blessed tree of justice bears fruit and permeates your being.