Selected Readings from
"Psalm of the Gods"

Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, Pir Ovyessi
Part - I

"The heavens invite the appointed,
The wild tulips and the water lilies,
The pure and transparent running water,
The songs of the birds,
The glory of the setting and the rising sun and moon upon the horizon of the sea,
The splendor of the blossoms in spring,
The glittering of dew-drops upon the grass,
and myriad other manifestations,
Are the tranquil melodies of the Gods that are hidden by nature’s veils.

Oh, I wish that the pride of hearts would be shattered once again, And truth would encompass the world, And souls would shine like mirrors.

Until dawn the Holy messengers whispered the realistic visions of the Gods upon the sky of existence, And gave power to the life of man.

Believers have said that the last Psalm of the Gods which was uttered by the angels was:
In following rebellion and corruption’s wake, the law of mercy is obstructed; trust in the Gods and wait, so that the streams of mercy flow in the land of the heart, and death reduces its hold. And once again the tree of life blossoms and the messengers silently repeat the Psalm of the Gods in the sky of life."1

1. Molana Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, The Mystery of Humanity: tranquility and survival; Psalm of the Gods (Boston, MA: University Press of America, 1996), 85-86.