Selected Poems

God Almighty has a wine for his Friends;
when they drink of it , drunk they become,
when they become drunk, pure they become,
when they are pure, they shall melt, when they melt,
they shall be emptied and free, when emptied, they shall seek,
and when they seek, they shall find, when they find, they shall join,
and when they join, they shall unite,  when they are united,
there shall be no difference between them and their Beloved.

Amir al Mo’menin (king of the believers) Hazrat Ali (pbuh)

From the mother shell,
The pearl rushing down my face,
Carrying my sight, in my search of love,
To find the inspiration that gives me love,
My soul will die in this hard shell of mine,
If you don’t fill my cup (heart)
With wine (your love).

Revelation (Elham)
Molana Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha