by: Molana Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, Pir Oveyssi

 “I, Nirvan, will make every endeavor to liberate the Truth from this grim prison of human nature. In this, I shall not be deterred by any hardships. The end of the vicissitudes and sufferings that I withstand at present will be peace, of whose tranquility I have already had a foretaste in my existence.” This freedom is not the one the earthly worshippers talk about which consists of liberating a person from one yoke in order to tie him to another bond of servitude. The traps set by liars and the gifts offered by the messengers of Satan cannot be a ransom for the divine Nirvan, because the forces of darkness do not have enough depth to imprison the divine light in their trembling bosom.”

Nirvan, a native of the Vadi Imen, from the country of Ghods, says: “I was misled by sinners to the Abandoned Land, and now I am secluded in the Devil’s prison. The ancient covenants and the peace I remember from the ancient fables have aroused in my soul a poignant nostalgia, and the hymn to my pains is: ‘Oh, you angel of Truth and Sincerity, how could you let the flame of war, feud, and discord engulf Nirvan?’ The thorns of the desert of oblivion have wounded my feet. 'Rise now to save your brothers and your kin whose hearts are dead. Nirvan, in the company of men, resembles a disintegrated body hidden in a grave. To him Thou hast blocked the ways of prayer, and his complaints are lost beneath the gloomy waves of his nature, and do not reach Thee. Winding paths form his way, and his faith, strong and solid, has been transformed into transient and poisoned beliefs.”

“Open unto him his heart and consolidate his faith. Make his heart aware of his acts and let him be obedient, let his tongue be sincere, his ears disposed to listen, and his eyes prone to see."

“The desire to live with my unenvious brothers who have risen to serve the Father saddens my heart, and the sorrow of separation heaves in my bosom. The flood of tears has stemmed the flow of my words. In the anxiety to hear my Father’s voice, I become stupefied in the day time, and at night I sing burning songs of love all by myself.

“Is it not true that wild deer in immense plains find their watering place with Thy guidance? Is it not so that the perfume of flowers and spring blossoms are dispersed in infinity, just for the sake of reaching Thee? And are not the galaxies attracted by Thy will towards the emptiness of the void?

“Call to Nirvan and forgive him his sins, so that he may be able to find the way to reach Thee.”

1. Molana Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, Mystery of Humanity; Nirvan (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1996), 46-48.